Global Coronavirus Cases

As global coronavirus cases crossed the 20 million mark, Russian President Putin Tuesday said his country had registered the primary vaccine for Covid-19. The vaccine, developed by Gamaleya Institute, has received approval after but two months of human testing. Putin said his daughter had been inoculated and hoped the country would soon. Start mass-producing the vaccine.

Global cases rose

Global cases rose 20,011,186 on Tuesday, consistent with a tally by John Hopkins. The virus has spread to over 210 countries and territories since it first originated in China’s Wuhan in December 2019. the worldwide price thanks to the disease stands at nearly 732,000. Us has reported the very best number of cases (5,088,516), followed by Brazil (3,057,470) and India.

India recorded 53,601 new Covid-19 infections and 871 deaths within 24 hours ending 9 are Tuesday. This took the country’s coronavirus tally to 22,68,676, the Union Health Ministry said. With but 2 percent deaths, fatalities stood at 45,257.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday held a virtual interaction with chief ministers of 10 states to require a stock of the Covid-19 situation. These states, which have 80 percent of India’s Covid-19 cases, were Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh. Which the states could defeat the virus by working together. Some chief ministers, meanwhile, sought bigger financial packages from the Centre to tackle the pandemic.

In other news, former president Pranab Mukherjee. Hours before the surgery, he announced on Twitter that he had contracted Covid-19. a press release issued by the Army’s Research and Referral (R&R).

The 10 Covid-19 patients who were killed within the fire at Vijayawada’s Swarna Palace hotel. Early Sunday had bought. A daily ‘package’ of Rs 5,000, including stay and three meals, hot drinks, and snacks. Swarna Palace is one of 43 hotels in Vijayawada — 18 large and 25 small — that are leased by private hospitals. To deal with patients infected by the novel coronavirus. In Visakhapatnam, quite 30 big and little hotels have become Covid-19 care centres.

The infection surges

As the infection surges in Andhra Pradesh and therefore the regular hospitality industry remains shuttered, ‘COVID care hotels’ became a booming business here and in neighboring Telangana, catering to many people that have the resources for treatment or quarantine in these rooms. Read Sreenivas Janyala’s report.

After 10 days of symptoms onset or date of sampling, and no fever for 3 days. As per the revised guidelines for home care issued by the Karnataka government, PTI reported.

The patient shall be advised to isolate reception and self-monitor as well as their health for 7 more days, the rules stated, adding that there’s no need for testing after the isolation period is over.

Covid-19 Tracker

To make sure the Covid-19 vaccine is equitably accessible to everyone. That possibly not even ten percent of that quantity has thus far been realized.
Together with the country’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences is beginning phase-3 human trials in Saudi Arabia
There are quite 160 vaccine candidates in pre-clinical or clinical trials, 23 of which are in clinical trials. Six are in the final stages, phase-III of human trials. Two of those have as well as entered phase -II trials after completing phase-I.

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