Corona Virus and Lock down – Protection of Emotional Health

It is essential that you simply stay connected with friends and family through video calls. Rest, relax, and recuperate. Change the meaning of lockdown in your head and it’ll improve how you are feeling during this point.

For most people, witnessing the whole country during a state of complete lockdown may be a first-time and also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To be living in social isolation, maintaining no physical contact with anyone, and staying indoors for extended periods of your time isn’t easy. Adapting to the present change are often difficult because it has suddenly put brakes on our ‘known normal’ and it asks us to make a ‘new normal’.

After The Lockdown

The lockdown has removed tons from all folks – our personal, social, occupational, and recreational life. Nothing remains an equivalent, anymore. It’s like we are having to reinvent the wheel of life!

Whether we are a toddler, an adult, or an oldster, all folks go through his/her own set of challenges. Children are suddenly cut faraway from their usual activities of getting to school. Tuition/hobby classes, meeting friends as well as playing outdoors, etc. Being completely confined within the walls of their home isn’t easy for them.

Old people are being asked to remain reception, not choose walks. Sit within the park, or visit their friends and family. These are the few things that give aiming to their lives and make them anticipate the day. Additionally, to understand that the Coronavirus affects the elderly. Those with low immunity or those handling pre-existing medical conditions does little for his or her morale.

All working adults are having to take a seat reception. While there are some people that have the choice of performing from home which provides some semblance of routine life.

Some ways during which we will protect our emotional health

  • Actively take steps to make a routine – it’s what brings normalcy to our life. It lets us know that life is on target and that we are on top of things.
  •  Educate yourself about the illness – its cause, effects as well as symptoms, and precautions to require. Once we are informed, we have a far better handle over our spirit.
  • Don’t believe rumors or every news that comes on social media. Verify the source of the news – ensure it’s credibility.
  • Exercise reception or on the terrace – your body needs movement. The discharge of endorphins will keep the mood positive. A moderate level of cardio or aerobics or a dance class is a superb choice to consider.
  • Adopt healthy sleeping and eating habits that build immunity.
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.
  • Practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercise to stay the mind calm and relaxed from the chaos around you.
  • Stay connected with friends as well as a family through video calls.
  • Rest, relax as well as recuperate.

Try to Change the meaning of the lockdown in your head. The way you perceive it will influence your spirit. consider it as a chance to hamper from the madness of a hurried life.

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